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About Our Music Academy

At Buzzy Mae Music Academy, our mission is to provide the absolute best musical program for each and every one of our students. Many of our students are with us for years before eventually going off to college and studying music or currently perform in their church worship group and/or their own bands.

We offer over 50 group classes weekly on a variety of topics and skills, ranging from performing live to music history to learning individual instruments. Group sessions are held in a classroom setting both live and virtually; private lessons are offered in home, in studio, and virtually as well.

Our dedicated instructors are here to inspire and mentor all students, helping them stay motivated and engaged, regardless of whether music is their primary focus, or merely a hobby. Our program lays down a foundation so your student will continue to improve his or her skills with the completion of each new class.


NFL Draftee Finds Solace In Music With
Buzzy Mae Music Academy

Former Centennial High School, University of California Berkeley, and Buzzy Mae Music Academy alum, Camryn Bynum, is going to the National Football League! Bynum was…


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Group Music Classes

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Violin and bow

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Music lessons can augment the rapid social, physical, and mental developments children and youth ages 4-12 experience as they explore the world more broadly.


Music is a healthy, safe way to engage teens as they strive for greater independence, aim for a sense of achievement, and begin establishing their own identity.


Even as an adult, it is never too late to learn how to play music—from beginners to those looking to take up a new instrument, we make the process fun and rewarding.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician looking to take your skills to the next level, private lessons can help you get there faster.